About DJ Benz

Robens Caimitte was born in Brooklyn, NY in 1987. As a first generation American with Haitian parents in a diverse city, Robens was blessed to have many avenues of exposure to different types of music. His taste was ubiquitous early on and evolved when he tried different instruments such as the tenor saxophone and keyboard. At 16 he moved to Philadelphia, where the DJ culture grabbed him. He started doing house parties when his mom was at work. Years later he embellished on private gigs. 2009 is when things took off when Wyclef brought him on his DJ squad via promotion of his Album, From The Hut to the Projects to the Mansion. He also embarked in the blogging world, with viral articles and interviews in key sites, like AllHipHop, Hottest In The Hood and more. His mixtapes had thousands of downloads across the world. Then he took his experience on the road, DJin in Festivals, Strip Clubs and major events. 50 Cent, 2 Chainz, and Cardi B are among MANY celebs he has spun for. He has also held radio slots in all avenues, from Podcasts to AM and Fm and even Satellites.

In 2017, he took his talents to Phoenix, Arizona, where he didnt slow down. Whether he’s hosting and DJin the Arizona Hip Hop Festival in front of 20,000 people or on tour with Vee Tha Rula or on IKON Radio, he is sure to stir the pot and has continued to add to the culture.

As his slogan says, He Will Not Disappoint Your Ears.