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Album Review – All Gas No Brakes (Vol. 3)

Slip~n~Slide artist Mike Smiff has been on the grind for a minute in the 305. Although he is a regular name at his home city, All Gas No Breaks is planned to get him on the national stage rotation on the regular. His single “Now” a year ago gained national airplay, and his album has a few more to add to the catalog

4 1 Nite is definitely the Miami Slip~N~Slide vibe. Video was entertaining to say the least and you can count on City Girls for your dosage of ratchet activity. Another record that got my interest is I Got Plans. It showed his dedication to aim to be among the greats. Sacked Up is a straight Southern banger with Boosie and the OG Trick Daddy. Just Might is poised to get the West on game with Mozzy

All Gas No Breaks Vol 3 is what Mike Smiff designed and breezed through.


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