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Album Review – DJ Aktive: The Tour

DJ Aktive experienced a long career most Djs are lucky to live through. From Estelle, Kanye West to Common to currently the legend, Janet Jackson, Aktive has tour the globe with them all. So he gathered his experiences , blends it with his hometown roots and cuts its up with the Ortofons, Stentons and vinyl. When I tell you it’s a DJ’s ALBUM, this is a DJ’s ALBUM.

About Every song showcases Ak skills on the vinyl that can be compared among the greats. Not to mention he had DJ Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff scratch on the album too as features. The songs are well put together such as It is What it Is, with Musiq Soulchild, and 90s Love with Marsha Ambrosius, bringing a taste of NeoSoul back. You have an immense amount of lyrical content from Cut It Up with Peedi and Jade, to the Apes with Beans to Break The Rules with Chill Moody and Dell-P. The one single that stands out is The City with Common, Freeway and Bri Steves. along with the intro, it captures exactly the root and the branch Aktive grew from. As all three MCs gave the album justice, you didn’t have to think hard of where this project is taking you.

This album is truly for the ones that love Hip-Hop and the elements that composes the culture. Every True DJ should embrace this body of work. Aktive put a project together that the true ones can appreciate.


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