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A lot about this video hold some twists and turns that can have the average person confused. Anon did something that was needed leading up to the flick, Posting facts about mental health. So when the video dropped, it’s understanding that people would have questions where what they imagine what the video would be like and what it actually is. To put more of a twist, Anon released it….on Pornhub….no pun intended…..ok pause. I ask Anon a couple questions about his motive:

Me: Why did you release it on Pornhub?

Anon: Because more people watch porn than Youtube. Also, nosey ass bitches.

Me: Any correlation between the injustice of minorities with police and the strip club/porn?

Anon: Sex is also a means for escape. Toxic self care exist in the hood because we’re not taught in important of maintaining mental health. That’s the purpose of this song and video. To bring awareness that many are self medicating because we don’t know any better. We need help. Sex, weed, alcohol,  and drugs are some ways we choose to get up out of ourselves. Remember State Property movie? When everything started crashing down on Beans, he went to the strip club. 



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