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NEW Product: Benzi 20s: Haitian Flag Edition

As we debut the sneaker edition to our merch, we decided to dedication this version to the 1st Black Republic of the Western Hemisphere. In 1804, Haiti became independent, the first to do so resulting in a slave revolt. Dessalines and the revolutionary heros ripped the white band from the French flag, then gave it to his goddaughter, Catherine Flon to sew the red and blue together, which is depicted on the sneaker box. The Coat of Arm represent independence and freedom which cultivates as Unity Makes Strength ‘ L’Union Fait La Force”

May 18th of every year, Haitians celebrate Flag Day, proudly representing the heritage. Here in Benzi Musiq, we represent with our fashion. The sneakers are made in Italian Leather and Suede, similar material as Gucci and Prada. Think of it as a Zoe Gucci.

Happy Flag Day!

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