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Album Review: Wise Vega – Party & Bulls#it

This album has been in the works and very much anticipated for this Harlem native. He also been putting in a lot of work to promote the project, from releasing club-smashing singles, to controversial videos, to performing across the nation on tour stops and festivals. He even reached in his bag and pulled out a onesie for a Lil Kim pose. Don’t remind me on that one. Wise is known for speaking his mind at any moment. He’s definitely known for making the club shake with lyrics that can easily be repetitive for the crowd. Lot of partying. Flush the bullshit. Here is the album, finally.

He got the real on the first track with Diamonds when he spoke his truth and waiting for naysayers to eat their words. But I can’t help but to notice the way Nova serenades the track with her voice. It makes it memorable like Wraith from the Yachouse album. To be quite frank he doesn’t miss. On You, which is never before heard Belongs on the billboards with the Top 40 sound and Vega’s flow. Insecure and Special can definitely end up on every lady’s Spotify playlist, from Vega’s lyrics and even Newz Huddle’s comical verse. This album even have a Birthday song that doesn’t suck. Yes, Drake’s birthday song on Scorpion sucks. With Hey, Rock-based MSR and 96 Draft, it’s a promise that there are no skips on this CD.

Wise did a phenomenal job with his talent, showcasing himself and talents from Yac House and structure. It’s clear Wise will be around for a long time with this strong piece of work. I’m happy I got to witness this project in the making.

Party & Bullshit


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