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Album Review: KILLAMIND – Audiovision

Before you dive into the next dimension of audio understanding, you must note that this is not an average sounding body of work. A lot of the normal sounds you hear on the regular, put it on the backburner. Then open your cerebrum (brain) and indulge in left-wing ideology. Then remember a Philly MC that has been rocking crowds in the 215 for about a decade strong before relocating to Los Angeles, actually Hollywood and repeating the same formula. Ok. Now enter Killamind’s AudioVision.

A lot of the production is sonically witty and creative, from the first track of No More and Can’t Stop Me. #Smashboxlyfe is a standout track by the smooth melodies that buzz in the ear. Off The Deck is a standout track as well (I’ll get to that in a bit). Over the creative instrumentals, you will hear Killamind’s narrative flow. It’s unorthodox to the bare eardrum but dig in the layers of his lyrics and you will hear undeniable passion of his craft. Big Brother with Maya is a clear example of that. Storytelling and skits are also his strongpoints with Sin City and Mickey and Mallory , respectively. the back and forth with Killa and Philly Flyer B Dot Holla was intriguing to say the least.

Two tracks will stand out. Back to Off the Deck with a creative trap bounce flow that certain demographics can turn up to. According to the streets, that’s the Blonde Gang flow, which Lil Uzi came out of nowhere, ripped the sound off and got rich with it. Their words, not mine. The track itself can discuss that way further than me. Then you got China White, which is someone who did Killamind dirty and sidetracked things for a bit. I would state further but Killa left Every last detail on the track with no stones unturned. It’s like Diamond Dallas Page slept with Sara in your son’s bedroom with Monday Nitro on the screen and you as the Undertaker chokeslammed your now ex-wife, Tombstoned her through the floor and buried her alive in a casket match with Slick Rick narrating the whole thing.

Audiovision is a trip to experience new audio lands.

No flights to Asia tho.

Killamind – AudioVision: Purchase


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