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ALBUM REVIEW: Beano French – “Just Beano”

If you are in the Philadelphia music scene, especially involved in the soulful, artistic side, they you can understand how long this album from Beano French was anticipated (in basic terms, YEARS!) From Live performances from Voltage to Johannesburg with Jaheim, and legendary features, everyone was craving for the project that dropped on MLK day. And for us it’s worth the wait. For the rest of the world, if gives a new name for ladies to look up for the new year.

Everyone has their favorites, and I have mines. Nevertheless, as I drove the I-10 west, I did not skip a record. I couldn’t. Every record had potential and just a display of his talents but leave you looking for more music. Of course, Mondays between 6am and 12noon has a soundtrack now as his single Monday Morning instantly settled into women’s hearts. But he did not leave the fellas out. If anybody went through a comical time in their lives where their exes were sweatin them (I had my share), What My Ex Do is something you’ll play 5 times over as Beano describe how thirsty an unwanted has been can be. Especially with Dilemna’s Mint Condition sample, which he perfected.

Last Time can definitely relax you with an 80s vibe 808 and the basic truth of his lyrics. Then you have Let It Go, that can rang throughout the clubs all across the globe with the illmatic LL sample. Something us Djs cant wait to do scratching sessions over.

The best thing about this project is even though he has a worldly talent and a wide range, he plasters the city we all grew up in. You instantly spot the cover at the 31/64 bus stop near the El in West Philly. You also hear the Philly sound throughout this project. Philly has a lot of R&B talent that graced the world that we treasure. At this rate, we should all accept Beano French.

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