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Thursday’s Tastycake – Robin Thick

Every now and again I have to deliver eye candy to my readers on a theme I started years ago. In the tri-state of Philly, South Jersey and Delaware, people are starting to see a face that appears more and more often in clubs and videos. I figure I let you guys get to know her before she goes national and become the next Rosa Acosta or something. So here it is and no it is not the singer that damn near destroyed his career but a sexy woman who is starting one, Robin Thick



My sign: Aquarius
My measurements:  34B, 28, 44

How did you get the name, “Robin Thick?”

I got the name Robin Thick two years ago when I started modeling with Bravo Danga.. I forgot who actually came up with the name but it was pretty evident that Robin Thick just fit because my real name is Robin and I always had a big butt so that’s where the thick came into play.

Whats the key difference between Delaware and Philly?

The Key difference  between  Philly & Delaware is… Delaware is more laid back, not much to do here. Everything in Delaware shuts down at 2pm and alcohol  stops being served at 1pm. Delaware is where most people come to live and raise a family. PHILLY on the other had always has something going on. Parties that go for a full 48hours and I don’t no when they stop serving liquor  but I would go places and see people still drinking past 4am. Philly to me is a place that’s pretty live a place to party and have fun.

Funniest moment that happened to you while you were dancing?

Funniest  moment  that happen to me while I was dancing would have to be my first night dancing. I was at the gold club in Delaware, and I was trying to get comfortable and loosen up because I was pretty nervous  being as tho it was my first day. So I had about 3 shots of Grey Goose  at the bar and 5 minutes later I was called on stage for my first set. I was feeling a little too good and started dancing but I was dancing to fast lol. Them shots had me on GO but I still made money. It was a beginner’s  mistake because I ended up getting a little too drunk and went home early but the next day I knew what not to do and I found out my limit.


What qualifications in a guy will have you say Hello?

Qualifications  in a guy will have me say hello… I don’t know. That’s a hard one to say without speaking to a guy  at first but if I had to go off of just looking at a man and wanting to say hello ….I mean he would definitely have to be charming, looks mature , self confidence, basically a gentleman

Would you ever date a rapper?

Yes. It wouldn’t matter to me what a man’s  occupation is as long as he has a job and does his job well.

If you were allowed to have Only 3 songs in your iPod for a month what songs would they be?

If I was allowed only 3songs It would have to be

Trey Songs: CHILL
Weeknd: GONE


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

FIVE years from now I see myself in a big house that I own with 3 cars, living outside of Delaware.

Where we can find you at?

You can find me on Instagram:  @iamrobinthick

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