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Throwback: Thursday’s Tastycake – Aaliyah Maria


As I upstart this Benzi tradition, Imma combine the upcoming models to look out for (And they look tempting) with the dope interviews I did way back. Hopefully we can catch up with some of these ladies. Here’s an interview 4 years ago with a pretty face and all around hustler from the 416.

It’s fitting to put this picture above. To the eye, it’s more sweets than all the candy you collected after trick-or-treat. However she’s tough as nails when it gets down to business. And she’s a boss, educated enough to run a modeling agency, start a reality show as well as model. She gets straight to the point and get things done. And as an exotic dancer, she will keep you hypnotized 100% on her. I had to go to Toronto, the T-Dot, 416 to get this Tastycake. Just like their scene, their women are something to fall head over heels with. This tastycake is a prime example. Everyone, meet: Aaliyah Maria:

1. Introduce yourself to us readers. Everyone you are about to get very intrigued.

hey i’m Aaliyah maria.

2. You come from a very beautiful place. Toronto, Ontario. Talk to me about the T.Dot and how the city is, now that it’s becoming a forefront in the market.
its exactly like new york but smaller. very friendly ppl and real good food LOL. i’m born and raised here so everything here is pretty normal for me. Toronto is by far the most MULTICULTURAL CITY i have ever been in. i didn’t realize that until i started traveling a lot. you will find every single race here mixxed with every single race LOL i love it

3. So at first you weren’t going to go model. After a few pics however, the demand skyrocketed. Did that made you decide to go for it after all?

i still don’t consider myself a model. more an entertainer and performer. because that is what i LOVE to do. taking pictures comes with the job.

4. Measurements

5.Talk to me about your resume. Your accomplishments
I’ve put out 5 mixtapes within the past year (promotional use only i am not a singer or rapper)
been featured in various online magazines and prints
been featured in various mixtapes and radio drops
done videos for various artists
i hope to accomplish more as the year goes on


6. You are also an exotic dancer. What made you decide to stick with it?
i have been dancing since i was 17. I’m 23 now. i have traveled all over north America dancing. i love to preform and entertain. dancing has given me a lot of opportunities throughout the years so i will not leave the industry until its time to do so.

7. Being an exotic dancer means you are open about your sexuality. More importantly your confidence is up. What keeps you on beat and showing the world who Aaliyah is?

confidence. motivation.

8. Would you recommend someone to become an exotic dancer….or even try it once. Why or Why not?

not everyone can have the certain mentality for this industry. some ppl just cant do it. i wouldn’t tell anyone to do it but i wouldn’t tell anyone not too. its a personal choice.

9. Talk about music. What are your favorite artists? (Keshia Chante? Drake? Andreena? ) How important. is music to you?

music is food for the soul. you listen to what your mood is and what you are feeling. music is important for all ears. i don’t have a fave artist but right now in my deck is jeezy and gucci


10. As some models shy away from hosting mixtapes, you went full fledged on it. talk about your mixtape series with DJ Gutta and the success behind it (150,000 downloads)
i needed more promo and ppl to see me. so my former manager at the time decided it was best for me to start going full fledged with promo and doing mixtapes. now we have built a series off of it and lots of promo use for them. i didn’t realize how successful the series was going to turn out. i just completed volume 5 and will be coming out with volume 6 soon. from those series i have done lots of mixtapes drops for various mixtapes and artist and lots of radio drops and interviews on the series alone.

11. You are also a boss. You are working on a reality show giving an inside look to the world of modeling. What do you want viewers to see? What will get exposed in this project?
how hard it really is for a female to come up into a male dominated industry. what its really like as an entertainer and performer behind the scenes. how much hard work events and party promo really is.

12. You are also opening up a modeling agency. What type of models you are looking for?
i am looking for all different types of models. i conducted a lot of interviews with a lot of faces. but now i know that there is nothing like meeting someone on the street or one on one for real actual work. i am mainly looking for females who want to work and not play 24/7



13. How important it is to stay fit?

extremely. it can make your or break your image/health

14. What are your favorite movies?
romeo and Juliet

15. In detail, how do you seduce a man?
i don’t … LOL

16. What type of man will get you interested?
a man with motivation, goals and determination. a man who is NOT lazy or a “rider” he also has to have a great sense of humour and is dedicated %100 to his family and woman. career is second.

17. What’s next in store for Aaliyah Maria. when will we see her in the states.
whenever i get booked LOL

 Contact Info
for all bookings and interviews: aaliyahmariabusiness@gmail.com
20. Shoutouts?
shoutout: straight cash ENT

dj gutta


am18 aa5 am11 aa6


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