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Thursday’s Tastycake: Kichi Lee

Well, we back! Back to giving you an unique insight to the pretty faces and bodies of today, both upcoming and the household names. And what a better way to start off than with a dope Philly chick, all tatted up with a colorful personality. We have done several events this year where we had fun in every one. After getting to know her as she speaks on topics the average woman shy away from, and seeing her with new ink every time I see her, I had to make her a Benzi Tastycake. Besides, the Philly metro area is buzzing about her and mysteriously wants to know more. Perfect time. Philly, matter fact, world: Meet Kichi Lee.


1. Introduce yourself to the world. Who is Kichi Lee?
Aside from what I do, I am a mother of a wonderful five year old daughter, which is my everything and the reason why I strive so hard for what I do. But overall I’m a outgoing, spontaneous, weirdo at times (lol) who is passionately poetic and adventurous.

2. Measurements?
My measurements are about 36, 24, 42.

3. You Only been modeling for two years, yet I thought You’ve been doing it longer. What type of scene you aim for in your photos and how important is the photographer you work with?
Nope, just two years but it’s great to know that I leave that impression! As far as modeling it had initially started out as just a hobby and something I was just trying out. Once I’ve started to see what modeling had really entailed, it helped me to appreciate it more as an art. From there I have grown to like it more because it challenged me to do something new and different as well as push myself out of my comfort zone. What my initial aim is, as it pertains to my photos would be to convey and express art in not only a creative way but a poetic and expressive reflection of myself. I’m not too interested or concerned with being pretty or being a pretty face. I want to do create and be art. My focus is to bring change into the fashion and modeling industry and push the envelope. Since I have a lot of art work I’m a pretty daring person so I love taking risks, being adventurous and spontaneous. As far as the photographers I work with, it is important that they understand my vision and that they have a creative eye. What I look for is a difference. Something or someone who hasn’t worked with a lot of local models and someone who thinks outside the box and isn’t just looking to do vixens or nudes.


4. You also have done nude modeling. What’s your take on being comfortable with your own skin and expressing yourself?
To me it’s like second nature now. If it was legal to walk around nude, I most definitely would (lol). At first of course I was apprehensive about the thought and then the initial action. However after my first nude shoot I feel in love with it. It certainly helped me to see myself in a different light and more so in my becoming of a woman as well as an individual. Plus I don’t workout to keep my clothes on, I’m flexing every chance I get (lol).

5. You have a lot of ink on your body, Which one is the most meaningful?
Although each of my tattoos have significant meaning as to who I am and who I generally hope to be, The most meaningful tattoo would be the tattoo I have on my right hand. Its a tribal bird with the words “Love “Nyoikee” intertwined into it. The bird symbolizes freedom and the future for the fact that they roam freely and are kind of free spirits to me. This pertains to my daughter in the matter that I want to ensure that she stays herself and knows her worth through her years and struggles through life. Birds also symbolize eternal life, which it means that no matter where she goes I will be there for her, in this life and the next. Overall it’s a promise and commitment that I’ve vowed to make to make because she inspires me everyday and gives me motivation.

6. Worst tattoo you ever seen?

Aww man where do I start. I’ve had my fair share of tatts that were pretty jacked up. But man living in Philadelphia the rate of F***ED up tattoos is at an all time high smh. I have seen a lot of meaningless tattoos that people are just getting because it is more about a fad or trend more so then it is an appreciation of the art. But hey to each its own..


7. Complete this sentence.
If a guy can __________________, that will get my attention

If a guy can “be himself, have a intellectual conversation, make me laugh and respect me”, that will get my attention.

8. Your idea of having fun, away from work.
Mostly now my ideal night would be some cuddle time, some banging A** food and a rub down (lol). Pretty simple but other then that I like to hang with my friends and just get away from the craziness for a little. I enjoy hookah and wine and just relaxing when I can. But Mostly I just look to be surround by funny and fun individuals who I can be myself with.

9. What acting roles or projects can we anticipate from you?
Recently I’ve just started taking up acting and I am working on a few projects at the moment. One is a short which I will be playing a social-path and the other is a independent film in which I will play a singer who has a rough childhood and finds myself through music.

10. What will Kichi Lee be doing 5 years from now?
Hopefully 5 years from now I will be married with maybe one or two more little Yoki’s running around (lol). By that time I look to have started a few business ventures, traveled and be well engaged in my career of model, acting and an entrepreneur. I have some great things planned for the future but everyone would have to wait and see.

11. One quote you live by?

One quote that I live by is ““Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” What this means to me is that there’s no need to worry yourself and complicate things more with more frustrations which will not solve much of anything. But to rather let things run it’s course and take things as they come. What I’ve learned time and time again if I haven’t anything else is that worry, stress and frustrations do not last. More so they don’t have to affect you and they won’t if you don’t allow them too. you have to take control and create balance and take a different approach to things in life. Especially being a firm and strong believer in my faith, I’ve grown to learn that patience and faith along with positive thinking is greatly needed in everyday life.

12. Any shootouts?
Of course I wanna shout out my beautiful crazy daughter Nyoikee. Sending a shoutout to a dope new up and coming artist Christian Real Keez. Wanna send a shoutout to Devon Price also known as DJ Storm, who I’ll be working on a lot of up and coming projects with. Be on the look out for Double up magazine as well. And I wanna send out a huge shoutout to my tattoo artist Rick Vicious, if you’re in the Philadelphia area up near Elkins park make sure you stop by “Vicious Ink” to get some dope art work by the homie.

Again thanks DJ Benz & keep killing the air waves!!






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