Album Review: Chris Millz – Politics & Paper

Album Review: Chris Millz – Politics & Paper


As I was starting my hiking season, walking through Kiwanis, I put the newest album from this Carolina spitta through the headphones. I’ve gotten very familiar with Chris Millz during my radio days in Charlotte. As the region was putting out artists with quality music, Chris was dropping club bangers from left and right. The #MrMilly Mixtape ended up in a lot of systems and even radio rotation. Fast forward to now, Chris has grown up. With his Southern trap lyrical style, he uses that influence on today’s topics and agenda.

In my opinion it’s a tale of two albums. The first half of the album have the trap anthems that can bang at Nikkis or Follies. Really Havin has been on rotation on FM Radio, as expected. No Days Off can have your attention with a video game like 808. But as you pass the halfway mark, the growth flourishes. The album gets more real. You really start to understand the strife of a Black Man in Carolina. Spread Your Wings is where things change (“Paranoia and Depression gotta hold on me/Marijuana Medicated went and donned on me). Hand in Hand was a detailed picture with that sample. Keep Firing was unapologetic. And the album ended with Homies, with a greatly executed Queen Latifah sample.

With this album and his resume, Chris Millz has shown he can be mentioned in the Top tier of artists out of the Cak.

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