Recap: Yachouse and Trev Rich at Pub Webb

Recap: Yachouse and Trev Rich at Pub Webb


It was a lot of dope energy in the Temple-affiliated building. Everyone that witnessed the show now knows what Yachouse consist of. DJ No Love out of Miami came out to rock the beginning sets. Then the artists stole the show. Wise Vega along with his memorable, comical yet honest lines on stage left a big memory with his fun-filled future single “Hello”, which is poised for the billboards. Then it was I-Know-Brasco’s turn whole stole the mood immediately with his rawness on “New Beans” Then I-Know-Brasco and Newz Huddle really turned it to 24th and Indiana or 53rd out west with “Where You From” a brand new record. Newz had it rocking along with his energy , 1st performance in his city in a year. After “Pesos” and “Flexin” , the whole label was rocking with “96 Draft” Trev Rich closed the show with a dominate performance and a heavy support from Cash Money. From the sound, to the lights, to the energy, to the fish tacos, Everything was on Point.

More Yachouse Episodes to come.