Album Review: Nicki Minaj – The Pinkprint

Album Review: Nicki Minaj – The Pinkprint


I just know half the readers are disgusted for the fact I’m even opening my eardrums to a redbone with a high pitched voice and more buns than Cinnamon Rolls. But I figure I give it a shot. No one can deny that Minaj has Very high success in the music industry since her 2009 “Beam Me Up Scotty” Mixtape dropped. Since then a plethora of female rappers and artists came through the scene to create some noise, with 2014 having more than in recent memory. One Female artist gaining pop awareness and getting awards under the Hip Hop culture, even though she is from Australia. And another female MC got the streets all around the country vibing to a record , daring everyone to Try her…Try Her. Oh, and Remy Ma coming home to With the female side of the game getting more populated, Nicki knew she had to pull a lot of stops to get this Album crushing all the noise around her.

With the first few songs in, I can’t help but wonder if Nicki spent too much time with Drake, because of the Deep R&B sounds to start the album. With lyrics more emotional than usual, I’m pretty sure I’m right on that. Another thing that had me wondering is the rumor of Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj being together. Well, when you listen to the collaboration “Buy A Heart“, you pretty much hear the rumor being true. This track is one of the true standouts with the Soothing production behind a style you rarely hear from Meek, if ever.

The Pinkprint has a Substantial Production, from first track to last. So my eyes stayed open and I was vibing. But my eyes widen like the owl when “Four Door Aventador” came on. A Flash of that Dirty Money Nicki from Jamaica Queens Before Beam Me Up grinded her ass over the 90s-feel beat, which Instantly became my favorite track off this project.

As always you will have several styles of Nicki, whether it’s singing R&B, Pop music with Ariana Grande, Ladies anthems with Beyonce (Feeling Myself will be everywhere) or that rugged trap music like “Big Daddy” with Meek Mill. Good thing about the album is that it felt like all the music was connected in order. The Pinkprint ended on a great note with “Truffle Butter” Nicki, Drake and Wayne got on a hyphy beat that got a New York House feel, another gem for me.

For the Barbies out there, this will hold them throughout 2015. They will Love this album to the end. Nicki has a strong dosage of singles that Several genres of Radio will eat up, which will feed her into a bigger pair of buttcheeks in the new year. But even for the neutral and nay-sayers, Minaj put more energy on this work, and it showed. Pinkprint is a Solid Project that will get people talking, no matter what stance one takes.